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Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop #AG004212000
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Atlas Graham Furgale 4212 Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop

Cut-end, Semi-disposable Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop
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Technical Specifications

Detailed Description

Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop

This industrial wide band wet mop is made of high quality rayon and is ideal for general purpose cleaning. Economy priced and semi-disposable (laundering not recommended). Rayon mops require no break-in period so they can be put into service immediately. Use with any Jaws or clamp style mop handle.

  • High quality rayon yarn for all-purpose cleaning with no time lost in pre-soaking
  • Cut-end, semi-disposable
  • Use with Jaws handles

Technical Specifications

Atlas Graham Furgale

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  • Capacity 8.75 gal US (33 L)
  • Wringer Downpress
  • Manufacturer Rubbermaid
  • Kind of Wheel Plastic 3" diameter
  • Material Plastic
  • Heigth 37" (93 cm)
  • Width 16" (40.6 cm)
  • Length 22" (55,9 cm)
  • Serie 7577-88
  • Model WaveBrake
  • Color Black
  • Length 60" (152.4 cm)
  • Manufacturer Rubbermaid
  • Handle Material Fiberglass
  • Serie Executive
  • Use Wet Mop
  • Type Clamp style head
  • Frame Material Plastic

Available formats

Code Format Sale Unit
Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop #AG004212000 AG004212000 12 oz
Case of 10
Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop #AG004216000 AG004216000 16 oz
Case of 10
Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop #AG004220000 AG004220000 20 oz
Case of 10
Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop #AG004224000 AG004224000 24 oz
Case of 10
Rayon Wide Band Wet Mop #AG004232000 AG004232000 32 oz
Case of 10

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