All of our staff are working to contain the spread of the virus. They are part of the solution in these troubling times.
As a manufacturer of sanitary products, Lalema is an essential service as decreed by the government
Thank you to all of our dedicated staff!

Technical Services

Clean, effective and safe

Enjoy our technical services for your equipment or dilution systems, maintenance, repair and installation.

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  • Services Analysis, Estimation, Repair, Maintenance
  • Brand Nacecare
  • Model Janitorial Equipment
  • Work Zone On-site or in Store
  • Fee Fees, Travel, Piece, Time (if applicable)
  • Technicien Certified
  • Services Installation and Assembly
  • Work Zone On-site
  • Fee Fees, Travel, Piece, Time (if applicable)
  • Model Dispenser, dilution systems, toilet partition, carts, ect…
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