Who we are

Our vision

Our main purpose is oriented towards customer service. We constantly aims to make a significant and positive difference in their everyday life by providing them with solutions to their daily problems.

Every day we perform actions in agreement with the thoughts, feelings, desires and needs of our colleagues, customers, suppliers and employees. We communicate and increase our reach by developing our brand and our corporate culture.

In good or bad times, we demonstrate our leadership and we challenge ourselves to work with you for the better.

Our mission

Lalema's main objective is to satisfy our ever growing clientele's needs, by supplying them with green cleaning products and quality equipment and consulting services for sanitary maintenance.

We offer an ever-widening range of products that are adapted to the needs of our clientele while fully respecting the environment. The Lalema team is constantly striving to get customer satisfaction in harmony and respect.

We can count on the support and encouragement of management to achieve this objective. On a daily basis, we encourage better business relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers and collaborators.

Our values
  • Respect
  • Initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
Our sustainable development policy

Lalema is committed to integrate, as part of its activities, actions that promote sustainable development to meet the present needs while maintaining the ability of future generations to meet theirs. These commitments are economic, social and environmental.

To meet our objectives of sustainable development, we are committed to:

• Optimize the economic performance of our business while developing our exemplary corporate responsibility.

• Promote ecological green cleaning and sustainable development with our customers and our employees.

• Improve communication and mobilize, to create an amazing organization, scalable and generous.

Quality policy

The direction of Lalema inc. undertakes in this policy to develop resources, structures, procedures and means of control to meet the requirements of the international standard of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management.

Quality management is a fundamental step of our company to meet to the market requirements. As such, we must continually develop our ability to provide products and services satisfying our customer’s expectations.

The management and all staff must implement the provisions of the quality system manuals and continually seek to improve the effectiveness of its quality system. Each of us is an actor in our competitiveness, in a spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance and a source of motivation and improvement to others.

Our suppliers are also invited to participate in our quality approach.

Annually at the management review, quality policy is reviewed for its appropriateness and quality objectives (measurable and at appropriate levels) are fixed and revised to ensure that the quality policy is enforced.

This policy is explained to all company employees. With management review meetings, we ensure that our quality system remains effective, efficient and subject to continuous improvement.

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