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Lalema is offering you online training for free! They can be accessed by Youtube. You want information on hygiene, this is the page for you!

The Ultimate Hospital Cleaning Guide (french only) (30:21)

• Environmental hygiene practices around the world
• Cleaning in hospitals
• 7 ways to make maintenance safer
• How to develop a successful work route
• Why choose a disinfectant based on stabilized sodium hypochlorite

Dilution 101 (french only) (23:47)

Why and how to dilute cleaning products for optimal performance, increased economy and better environmental protection.
• Why dilute cleaning products
• Always read the instructions for use
• The risks associated with bad dilution
• Examples of dilution methods
• Live Action dilution system
• Exclusive AR Demo

4 Fundamental Organizational Principles in Hygiene and Sanitation (french only) (37:22)

During the 8th Provincial Health and Sanitation Day of 2018, the AHSS Executive Committee invites you to a webinar on the 4 fundamental organizational principles of Hygiene and Sanitation.
Based on their work experiences, the 3 speakers will talk to you about issues of concern to environmental cleaning managers in the healthcare system.

Get ready for Winter (french only) (17:19)

The ultimate guide for the building manager to face the Quebec winter in a free webinar.
Content overview
• How to reduce at the source the difficulties inherent in winter cleaning activities?
• How to reduce the risk of falls and the spread of dirt in a building?
• How to reduce environmental impact with maximum cleaning efficiency?

Restroom Cleaning (french only) (28:02)

Did you know that a typical office worker goes to the washroom between 3 and 4 times a day? For a medium-sized building, it represents more than 1.1 million opportunities to impress users every year.

Content overview:
• 16 tips for a safe and ergonomic operation
• 29 essential items for a high-performance maintenance cart
• 19 steps for a perfectly well-done task

Why recycling is so important? (french only) (23:33)

Waste is a real problem, recycling is part of the solution. Too much waste is simply sent to landfill or incinerated, while the best solution to limit our footprint on the environment is to recycle and compost the maximum amount of waste.

During this webinar, I will explain why but especially how to better recycle in an institutional, commercial or industrial environment. I will also present practical and robust solutions to help you in your approach.

5 secrets du lavages de main (french only) (23:20)

In fact, it is so important and it remains such a problem that you should not only register but also invite all your colleagues, partners and friends!

We will talk about (secretly):
• the benefits
• the method
• the champions
• the ingredients
• the undesirables

Hygiène intelligente (french only) (28:04)

• Provide a detailed maintenance estimate of the tasks to be performed
• Use green products and efficient equipment
• Optimize travel and, by extension, productivity
• Ensure accurate monitoring of the performance and quality of work services
• Give essential training to workers
• Establish equity between workers

SIMDUT 2015 en 15 minutes (french only) (14:41)

Why a new WHMIS 2015 webinar

• Change in the schedule set by the government
• Review of stakeholder responsibilities
• Simple and comprehensive approach
• Clear and relevant examples
• All this in 15 minutes

Technologie Certiklör (french only) (7:10)

Certiklör is a Lalema exclusive technology. This gives exceptional properties to disinfectant cleaners based on sodium hypochlorite, namely:

• superior stability
• a low odor
• low corrosion

Redéfinir l’hygiène 2017 (french only) (27:13)

Here are some of the content of the webinar:

• The chemistry of cleaners: "It's not more complicated than that"
• Modern tools: "Even if it's been 20 years! "
• Organic cleaners: "Why is it relevant and important? "
• Multipurpose cleaners: "Benefits that are better known"
• Participatory Management: Why Listening Creates Winning Conditions

Le défi des biofilms en milieu industriel et institutionnel (french only) (25:20)

The goal of this webinar is to understand biofilms, how they are formed and how to fight them.

The webinar also includes some case studies and references to new biofilm news portals.

Fighting HAI’s with Environmental Hygiene (40:15)

The main objective of this webinar will be to review the basics of cleaning and disinfection :

• The updated burden of HAI’s in Canada
• Why do we disinfect
• Best practices in cleaning and disinfection
• Using the right product
• Validation technique

SIMDUT 2015 : Êtes-vous prêt? (french only) (23:03)

The goal of this first webinar is to teach you the new WHMIS 2015 regulatory requirements:
• What is WHMIS?
• What is the Globally Harmonized System
• WHMIS 1988 vs. WHMIS 2015
• Responsibilities, classification and exclusion
• Labels, MSDS and pictograms

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