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Autoscrubber 26" to 34" TTV 678 #NA904433000
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Nacecare 777772 Autoscrubber 26" to 34" TTV 678

Versatile autoscrubber 26", 30", or 34" of working width with gel batteries, adjustable discs pressure, high suction performance and integrated charger
Technical Specifications
  • Solution tank capacity 32 gal
  • Tank capacity (concentrate) 1 gal
  • Color Blue
  • Water flow 1.0 / 0.8 / 0.5 / 0.25 gpm
  • Dimensions 66" x 56" x 26"
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

« Very impressive »
5 stars, Spécialiste en produits d’entretien ménager, produits 

sanitaires et produits de nettoyage à Montréal

Versatile autoscrubber from 26" to 34"

  • Three working widths : 26", 30", and 34"
  • Integrated charger
  • 6 gel batteries, with the possibility to add 2 extra ones
  • Discs pressure adjustable to up to 160 lbs

This is about the most user friendly ride-on around, packed with sound common sense engineering yet bristling with technology.

In simple terms, the Twintec Vario ride-on rewrites the mathematical rule book proving once and for all that… 3 INTO 1 DOES GO!

Yes one autoscrubber which can be set to 3 different working widths, 650 mm, 750 mm, and 850 mm and all at the flick of a simple lever. This doesn’t even need tools – anybody can do it at any time. You want it wide – fine… you want it narrow – 30 seconds is all that it takes.

In many applications, circumstances change specific needs so with Vario auto-scrubber you can vary the specification to suit your exact requirements. It’s not only the working widths that can be changed, it’s the operating performance that is under the drivers' complete control – cleaning speed, brush speed, water flow, chemical mix …you name it and you control it.

Whatever you may be told, every application is quite different for many reasons – but trying to second guess the final specification in advance is not an exact science and not that easy. With the Vario autoscrubber you have so many factors that can be varied or preselected to suit any given situation or any changing circumstances. You really are “master of all you survey”.

Once trials have been completed and operational settings determined, the Vario auto-scrubber can be programmed to include a series of PRESETS which will allow different settings to be added to the memory, all of which can be retrieved at a simple push of a button as required.

In addition to the extreme versatility of performance, there is a selection of brush and floor pad specifications to suit different needs and additional battery packs to extend the cleaning range as required.

Yes, this is the range of One with more features and versatility of operation than you could possibly imagine – maybe we should have called it the Range of 101.

Visit our neutral cleaner section so that you can find the products suitable for your autoscrubber. To avoid foam accumulation in the recovery tank of your auto-scrubber, a defoamer such as the PHASE defoamer must be added to the tank.

Technical Specifications

Solution tank capacity
32 gal
Tank capacity (concentrate)
1 gal
Water flow
1.0 / 0.8 / 0.5 / 0.25 gpm
66" x 56" x 26"
Time of use per charge
4 hours
Brush Width
3 x 12"
Working Width
26" - 30" - 34"
Vacuum Motor
24 V - 400 W
Maximum Gradient
11 degrees
Weight With Battery
970 lb (8 batteries)
Brush Pression High
160 lb
Powerful Brush Motor
(3 x 24 V), 400 W
Turning Range
64,045 sq. ft/h
Brush RPM
150 - 200 RPM
Specific System of Injection of Adjustable Product
32:1, 64:1, 96:1, 128:1
Battery Type
6 ou 8 X 12V
Traction Speed
0.3 - 4.3 mph
Power Source
Gel Battery

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  • Biodegradability Readily biodegradable
  • Stability Stable between 10 °C and 40 °C
  • Storage Avoid frost and excessive heat
  • Manufacturer Lalema

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