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GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains #PR00GD35000
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GD35 GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains

GREEN DRAIN Waterless trap seal for floor drains is an eco-friendly and unique solution for your piping problems. This product will freely let water pass down, but will block unwanted returns such as gases, insects and odors.
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Technical Specifications

Detailed Description

GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains

Simply put, the GREEN DRAIN™ is the heavy-duty solution for floor drains that so many businesses and organizations desperately need. Plumbers, distributors and retailers are all in agreement on its quality and position as the leader in its class.

  • Easy installation - Installs in less than a minute!
  • Environment friendly - Say goodbye to chemical & dangerous products that clean your pipes
  • Efficient - Odors will disappear upon installation

GREEN DRAIN are easy and quick to install in your showers, sinks and floor drains so that bad smells don't have a chance!

  • 1. Measure the diameter of your drain
  • 2. Take off your actual siphon and insert your Green Drain with the appropriate measures
  • 3. That's it! GREEN DRAIN will now let water flow down freely in your pipes but will prevent it, and bad smells, from flowing back!

Applications include shower drains, outdoor drains, basement drains, water heater drains, HVAC condensation drains, ice machine condensation drains, floor/ mop sinks, residential bathrooms, under kitchen sinks and in laundry rooms.

Technical Specifications

Green Drain
Ready to use
Trap Seal

Related Products

  • Brand Drain Chief
  • Manufacturer DEMA
  • Use Drain and Odor Control
  • Run Up Batteries
  • Battery 8 x "D"
  • Autonomy 8 hours
  • Programmation 2 x 24/h ou 48 x 24/h
  • Adapter Included
  • Flow 4 OPM
  • Mounted Wall mount
  • Type Dilution system
  • Locking No
  • Fragrance Fresh
  • Color Amber
  • Concentrated pH (25 °C) 5.7 - 7.3
  • Recommended Dilution* 1:3
  • Solubility Water soluble
  • Specific gravity (25 °C) 1.010 - 1.030
  • Flammability Nonflammable
  • Biodegradability Yes
  • Stability Stable between 10 °C and 40 °C
  • Storage Avoid frost and excessive heat
  • Use Cleaner and deodorizer
  • Colony-forming unit 107 CFU / mL
  • Brand Katalyse
  • Model in bulk
  • Type Liquid
  • Feature Bioactive Agent
  • Style Concentrate
  • Certification Acia
  • Heigth 3-1/2" (8,9 cm)
  • Width 3-1/2" (8,9 cm)
  • Length 17" (43 cm)
  • Manufacturer Vikan
  • Material Silk
  • Type Brush
  • Fibre Type Stiff
  • Use Bottle
  • Shape Round

Available formats

Code Diameter Sale Unit
GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains #PR000GD2000 PR000GD2000 2" (5.1 cm)
GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains #PR000GD3000 PR000GD3000 3" (7.6 cm)
GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains #PR000GD4000 PR000GD4000 4" (10.2 cm)
GREEN DRAIN Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains #PR00GD35000 PR00GD35000 3.5" (8.9 cm)

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