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Multipurpose Cloth Tork Premium 530 #SC530178A00
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Tork Multipurpose Cloth Tork Premium 530

Tork Premium Multipurpose Cloth 530 Top-Pak
In stock
Part List
Technical Specifications
  • Color White
  • Pack/Case 5
  • Ply 1 ply
  • Sheets/Roll 100 sheets
  • System W4 - top holder wiper system
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

Tork Premium Multipurpose Cloth 530 Top-Pak

When nothing but the best will do, rely on Tork Premium 530 Multipurpose Cloth, the premier wipers. No matter what the task at hand - from heavy-duty cleaning to small wiping jobs - these top-of-the-line wipers deliver. And not only are they versatile, they're also convenient; the top-pak when combined with the Tork Performance W-4 dispensing system makes it as easy to access as they are to use.

Tork Premium 530 Multipurpose Cloth wipers are the cloths of choice for cleaning surfaces, tools and other heavy-duty maintenance wiping. Their high-absorbency makes cleaning up oil, grime, and solvents quick and easy, and their low-lint design makes them the perfect wipers for most jobs.

Because they're so versatile and long-wearing, you'll save both money and the time you previously spent on rags or rentals. With Tork Premium 530 Multipurpose Cloth, you'll get great results in less time with fewer wipers. This product contains 100% synthetic and virgin fibers.

Technical Specifications

1 ply
100 sheets
W4 - top holder wiper system

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