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Nylon Moving Straps Kits #TQ0MD223000
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MD223 Nylon Moving Straps Kits

The set of two nylon belts is designed to carry large objects up to 5000 lbs.
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Part List
Technical Specifications
  • Capacity 5000 lb / 2500 kg
  • Material Nylon
  • Type Straps
  • Use Moving
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

Nylon Moving Straps Kits

The nylon moving strap is an essential accessory for any move. It is made of strong, durable nylon to ensure safe and easy handling of heavy and bulky items during transport.

This moving strap is easy to use and can be adjusted to different sizes to fit a variety of furniture. It is also reusable and durable, making it an economical option for frequent moves or for professional movers. Make sure your next move goes smoothly with the nylon moving strap.

  • Allows for safe movement of appliances and larger items
  • Movers can constantly stay in an upright position during the move, reducing the risk of back injuries
  • Nylon (5000 lbs.)
  • Includes two transport straps and two adjustable straps
  • Technical Specifications

    5000 lb / 2500 kg

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