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Spring Return Wire Twister Tool #TQPA496000
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PA496 Spring Return Wire Twister Tool

The spring bender is designed for wire ties. It allows you to bend the ties around the collars of bags.
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Detailed Description

Spring Return Wire Twister Tools

  • For use with any type of wire tie
  • Tool will twist the wire ties together around the bag neck until tight
  • Simply bend the wire tie around the bag neck and attach the hook to both loops
  • Each pull causes the spiral shaft to rotate and hooks automatically returns
  • Made from cast steel with a durable plastic handle
  • Thanks to its clever design, this device allows you to easily twist wires without having to use considerable force.

    This is because the spring twister uses a torsion spring to create the force needed to twist the wire. Simply insert the wire into the twister and turn the handle to activate the spring and twist the wire as needed. This tool is ideal for do-it-yourselfers, jewellers or farmers.

    Technical Specifications

    Twister Tool
    Wire Ties

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