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Tubular-Shaped Fibers Microfibre Mop #AG051060000
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Atlas Graham Furgale Tubular-Shaped Fibers Microfibre Mop

Mop net scouring
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Part List
Technical Specifications
  • Application Wet on any surface
  • Band Wide
  • Color Blue
  • Format 12 oz
  • Material Microfiber
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

Scouring net which dislodges heavy dirt

This mop strands tube contains 100% microfiber. The microscopic fibers incised deeply into the slip surfaces for better scrubbing. Microfibres absorb well and proved to be ideal for washing in general, and the collection of damages, in hospitals, schools and long-term care centers. The lower band can cover more surface area and eliminates kinks and work and washing. Scouring net is ideal to remove stubborn dirt. This mop can be used wet on any smooth flooring or grainy.

Advantages and benefits

  • Scouring net dislodges stubborn dirt.
  • Microfibers deep clean and better than traditional mops.
  • The lower band allows a better coverage of surfaces and eliminates twists.
  • Technical Specifications

    Wet on any surface
    12 oz
    Atlas Graham Furgale
    350 g

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