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JV14 - 14 " Commercial Upright Vacuum - Two engines - Hepa Filter

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Upright Vacuum Lindhaus RX380 Hepa #HWRX380H000
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Michaels Upright Vacuum Lindhaus RX380 Hepa

15" Lindhaus upright vacuum, RX380 model
Technical Specifications
  • Weight 24 lb
  • Capacity 1 gal US (4 L)
  • Water Lift 77" (196 cm)
  • Color Gray
  • Air Flow 88 CFM
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

RX380 Upright Vacuum

The remarkably engineered RX Hepa carpet cleaner is equipped with non marking rubber wheels that are uniquely designed to allow the user to easily maneuver the machine in any direction. Two position operations allow the user to lift the base for threshold or use the machine in a horizontal position for the lowest possible clearance. Certainly the quietest machine in its class.

Filtration system:

The 5-stage filtration system includes, at the final stage, an electrostatic microfilter 3M Filtrete commonly used in hospitals for biological check. All the exhaust air (carbon dust) coming out from the motor brushes is purified, obtaining a superior exhaust air quality.

The RX Hepa can be equipped with an optional special S-Class Hepa Filter for healthcare environments, which assures 99.97% filtration efficiency at 0.3 micron for extreme allergy concerns.

Electronic protection:

The electronic circuit allows to regulate correctly the height of the roller; it makes the motor start slowly keeping the speed steady; it switches off the motor instantly in case of the roller blocking to avoid damaging the timing belt and all moving parts.


For above the floor cleaning, the RX Hepa is equipped with the Lindhaus patented telescopic wand, rotating round dusting brush, crevice tool and stretch hose. This makes the RX Hepa the most effortless vacuum to use for both carpets and above floor cleaning. The efficient hard floor tools,(indhausS patented), for surfaces like ceramic, marble, wood, will allow you to transform the carpet cleaner into an electric sweeper. Its rubber wheels glide silently over every surface.


The brush roller is balanced to eliminate vibration at high speed. The brush roller has convergent bristles and is assembled on metal supports with 3 ball bearings. It can easily be replaced without tools. Two rotating cylinders allow the machine to slide along flush with the wall.

By using the optional blowing kit, it has the advantage of the hermetically sealed components to clear a sink clog, remove dust from radiators, etc. Also, one can use the suction and blowing action at the same time with an optional hose.

Thedry cleaning system is the perfect solution for cleaning carpets and rugs with minimal effort.

Technical Specifications

24 lb
1 gal US (4 L)
Water Lift
77" (196 cm)
Air Flow
88 CFM
Filter Efficiency
99.7 %
Standart Filtration
0.3 microns
Power Cord Length
41' (12.5 m)
880 W
5000 RPM
15" (40.6 cm)
Sound Level
68.6 dB(A)
Powerful Brush
180 W

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