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Cleaning Area

Please select your cleaning area.

icon petite area icon petite area over
Small Area
(~ 10 000 ft²) icon selected shadow
icon moyenne area icon moyenne area over
Medium Area
(between 10 000 and 20 000 ft²) icon selected shadow
icon grande area icon grande area over
Large Area
(over 20 000 ft²) icon selected shadow

Surface type

Is your surface smooth or rough?

icon area lisse
Smooth surface
icon selected shadow
icon area rugueuse
Rough surface
icon selected shadow

Wide or narrow area

Please select the type of space of the surface being cleaned.

icon surface_vaste
Wide Area
icon selected shadow
icon surface_exigue
Narrow Area
icon selected shadow

With or without traction

Do you want the equipment with or without traction?

icon avec_traction
With traction
icon selected shadow
icon sans_traction
Without traction
icon selected shadow

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