Looking for a good toilet paper for your business but do not know where to start? With a few clicks, we can offer a product that meets your needs.


Tissue type

Please choose the tissue type.

icone recycle_cascades choix_papier icone recycle_cascades choix_papier over
Recycled tissue (Cascades)
icone selectionnee ombre
icone papier_fsc_kimberly_clark choix_papier icone papier_fsc_kimberly_clark choix_papier over
FSC Certified paper (Kimberly-Clark)
icone selectionnee ombre

Regular or jumbo

Do you need regular or jumbo tissue?

icone regulier regulier_ou_jumbo icone regulier regulier_ou_jumbo over
Regular Toilet Tissue
icone selectionnee ombre
icone jumbo regulier_ou_jumbo icone jumbo regulier_ou_jumbo over
Jumbo Toilet Tissue
icone selectionnee ombre

1 ply or two ply

Select the number of ply you need.

icone un_pli un_pli icone un_pli deux_plis over
1 ply
icone selectionnee ombre
icone deux_plis un_pli icone deux_plis deux_plis over
2 ply
icone selectionnee ombre

Do you need dispenser?

icone pas_besoin_distributeur besoin_distributeur icone pas_besoin_distributeur besoin_distributeur over
icone selectionnee ombre
icone besoin_distributeur besoin_distributeur icone besoin_distributeur besoin_distributeur over
icone selectionnee ombre

Which capacity fits your needs the most?

icone petite_capacite un_pli icone petite_capacite deux_plis over
Small capacity
icone selectionnee ombre
icone moyenne_capacite un_pli icone moyenne_capacite deux_plis over
Medium capacity
icone selectionnee ombre
icone grande_capacite un_pli icone grande_capacite deux_plis over
Large capacity
icone selectionnee ombre

What are the respective diameters :


What is your annual consumption ?


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