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Aero 57 Non-Conductive Solvant Degreaser #AESOL5720LT
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Aerochem Aero 57 Non-Conductive Solvant Degreaser

AERO 57 solvent degreaser low toxicity, odorless. Perfect to dissolves animal greases or degreasing all ferrous.
Technical Specifications
  • Feature Dielectric
  • Model Liquid
  • Fragrance Odorless
  • Color Colorless
  • Volume 20 L
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

Dielectric solvant degreaser Aero 57

The product Aero 57 is a solvent degreaser low toxicity (300 PPM). It is the solvent of choice for maintenance services, without restriction of use and odorless. It is used by dipping or spraying. The flash point of the product is > 60 °C.

Aero 57 is a isoparrafinic dielectric solvent (38.8 kV), synthesized from basic hydrocarbons under conditions that exclude virtually all odor-producing fractions. This non conductive degreaser is highly stable and retains its virtually odorless quality under normal conditions and extended storage.

  • Used for degreasing all ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces
  • It dissolves instantly all greasy residues such as mineral, vegetal or animal greases
  • It also dissolves all oxidized used oils
  • It is not regulated, does not contain any carbon benzene products (benzol, toluol or xylol) or any chlorinated solvent (di, tri or perchloroethylene)

Technical Specifications

20 L

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