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High-Security Janitor Cleaning Cart 9T75 #RB009T75NOI
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Rubbermaid FG9T7500BLA High-Security Janitor Cleaning Cart 9T75

The housekeeping and janitorial cleaning cart 9T75 from Rubbermaid includes 1 zippered yellow vinyl bag and 1 locking doors and hood. Designed to fit with the Hygen microfiber wringer and bucket.
Technical Specifications
  • Cleaning Bag 1
  • Locking Locking doors and hood
  • Heigth 53-1/2" (136 cm)
  • Width 22" (56 cm)
  • Length 48-1/4" (123 cm)
  • Unit Converter

Detailed Description

High-Security Janitor Cleaning Cart 9T75 by Rubbermaid

The Rubbermaid Commercial Executive High-Security Janitorial Cleaning Cart provides the most secure cart, featuring quiet casters and ball-bearing wheels along with preassembled locking hood and doors

  • 7.25-cubic foot storage capacity offers 40% more space than traditional carts so user spends less time retrieving supplies and more time completing the task at hand
  • Preassembled locking security hood speeds up assembly and ensures all products will be secure
  • Secure cabinet doors keep cleaning supplies concealed from view and locked up when carts are unattended
  • Mop bucket platform with securing grooves keeps WaveBrake® or microfiber charging buckets securely attached to cart
  • Durable 8" ball bearing wheels and quiet 4" casters make maneuverability easy and quiet for workers

To complete your research, visit our garbage bags section which contains all sizes of bags as well as OXO-Biodegradable and compostable bags.

Technical Specifications

Cleaning Bag
Locking doors and hood
53-1/2" (136 cm)
22" (56 cm)
48-1/4" (123 cm)

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