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Cleaning Products

Lalema's cleaning products are specially designed to help you achieve cleaning tasks in industrial and institutional environment.

Paper Products

What type of paper are you looking for?Toilet paper or hand towels? In which format and what color? At Lalema, you will be spoilt for choice: from antibacterial paper for health institutions or clinics to napkins and brown hand paper towels for commercial use.

Waste Management

A wide range of containers, recycle containers, garbage bags, ashtrays, and tilt trucks for every taste! Choose the product that is most suitable for you; we offer several brands, dimensions, and colors that will not leave you disappointed!

Skin Care and Hygiene

Our specialized range of hand soaps includes products for removing every day dirt, antibacterial soaps as well as abrasive hand soaps to handle tough stains such as grease, oils, and ink while being gentle to the skin. Also, discover our selection of body and hair products.

Carts, Buckets and Wringers

With our selection of carts, buckets, and wringers, you will be spoilt for choice: cleaning carts, work carts, utility carts, laundry carts, audio visual carts, platform trucks, and many more. These products are high quality and they will provide you a reliable support at all times.

Brooms, Brushes and Mops

Whether you are looking for wet mops, dust mops, angle and upright brooms, dust pans, flat mop systems, or microfiber mops, Lalema can provide you with what you need. Our selection of products has been thought for you, according to what you need.

Rags, Wipers and Dusters

When using high quality equipment, you can significantly save time and energy. Our range of rags, wipers, and dusters has been selected to provide the best results with less effort. The wide selection of products we offer can fulfill all tasks, no matter what your needs are.


Lalema offers a wide range of floor cleaning equipment: auto-scrubbers, floor machines, mechanical sweepers, and several specialized vacuums for industrial use. These floor cleaning machines can satisfy all your needs and provide a high quality result while allowing you to save time.

Entrance and Anti-Fatigue Matting

Entrance and anti-fatique mats by Mat Tech, whether it's an outdoor or indoor mat or also a scraper or wiper mat, are designed to offer many benefits such as reducing maintenance, protecting floors, improving the air quality, enhancing work place appearance and diminishing risks of falls.

Dispensers - Dilution Systems

With a good soap or paper dispenser, you can significantly save money on products and add a touch of style to your bathrooms. Also, discover the Twist'n Fill dilution system, the best dilution system in the world that provides perfect cleaning products dilution at all times!

Bathroom Fixture Systems

Washroom systems offered by Lalema allow you to make savings thanks to their automatic devices or efficient distribution systems. Combining design, robustness and ease of installation, you will find a full range fulfilling your needs for new construction or for renovations.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Our range of accessories includes several complementary products you cannot live without. Brushes, pads, sponges, window scrapers, sprayers, and storage containers are essential for all cleaning activities, both residential and industrial.

Training and Services

Did you know that Lalema offers you training, consulting and diagnostic analysis as well as equipment repair service. All that according to your needs and schedule.


Lalema now offers you outdoor solutions for your building, property, or any other outdoor areas: outdoor benches and containers as well as bike parking racks. Robust and easy to clean, these are quality products.


Our choice of foodservice products is made of tools that are solid, easy to use, and that respect the industry standards. We offer products for food storage, food thermometers, professionnal scales, timers as well as solutions for food transport.


Having good equipments to guarantee safety for the self and the others is very important. Our range of safety equipment helps preventing accidents and protecting the health of employees on the long term, by diminishing their exposure to dangerous materials or activities. A pair of gloves, a mask, or protective goggles can make A huge difference!


Lalema offers a complete range of products for any type of packaging: plastic industrial films, boxes, plastic bags, duck tapes, straps and clasps, envelopes, labels, and other packaging accessories.

Work Tools

You can rely on the work tools offered by Lalema to meet your specific needs in this area. Whether screwdrivers, knives, work gloves and others, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

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