International Unit Converter

International Unit Conversion Table

This unit conversion utility includes more than 750 units divided into 20 categories. Simply choose a category, enter the value and starting unit (left), and choose the final unit (right). You can also search the tables below for all conversion factors.
Acceleration (s.i.: m/s²)
Symbol Name Ratio
fph/s feet per hour per second 0.00008467 m/s²
fpm/s feet per minute per second 0.00508000 m/s²
fps² feet per second squared 0.30480000 m/s²
g earth gravity 9.80665000 m/s²
gal gals 0.01000000 m/s²
ipm/s inch per minute per second 0.00042333 m/s²
ips² inch per second squared 0.02540000 m/s²
km/hs kilometers per hour per second 0.27777778 m/s²
km/h² kilometers per hour squared 0.00007716 m/s²
km/s² kilometers per second squared 1000.00000000 m/s²
kn/s² knots per second squared 0.51444444 m/s²
m/s² meters per second squared 1.00000000 m/s²
µGal microgals 0.00000001 m/s²
mph/s miles per hour per second 0.44704000 m/s²
mpm/s miles per minute per second 26.82240000 m/s²
mps² miles per second squared 1609.34400000 m/s²
mGal milligal 0.00001000 m/s²
Angle (s.i.: deg)
Symbol Name Ratio
µ angular mils 0.05625000 deg
' arcminute 0.01666667 deg
''' arcsecond 0.00028000 deg
brad binary degree 1.41000000 deg
° degree 1.00000000 deg
diameter part 0.95000000 deg
centiturn 3.60000000 deg
grad gradian 0.90000000 deg
hour angle 15.00000000 deg
hexacontade 6.00000000 deg
minute of time 0.25000000 deg
milliturn 0.36000000 deg
mrad milliradian 0.06000000 deg
octant 45.00000000 deg
pechus 2.00000000 deg
point 11.25000000 deg
quadrant 90.00000000 deg
quarter point 2.81250000 deg
rad radian 57.30000000 deg
rev turn 360.00000000 deg
second of time 0.00416667 deg
sextant 60.00000000 deg
sign 30.00000000 deg
Area (s.i.: )
Symbol Name Ratio
a ares 1000.00000000 m²
ac acres 4046.86000000 m²
arpent 3418.89000000 m²
barony 16187425.69000000 m²
bd board 0.00774192 m²
ca centiare 1.00000000 m²
circ in circular inch 0.00050671 m²
circ mil circular mil 0.00000000 m²
cm² square centimeter 0.00010000 m²
cord 1.48644864 m²
daa decares 1000.00000000 m²
dunam 1000.00000000 m²
ft² square feet 0.09000000 m²
ft-fm foot-fathom 0.55741824 m²
ha hectares 10000.00000000 m²
hide 486000.00000000 m²
in² square inch 0.00064516 m²
km² square kilometer 1000000.00000000 m²
square meter 1.00000000 m²
mi² square mile 2589988.11000000 m²
milacre milacre 4.04685642 m²
mm² square millimeters 0.00000100 m²
perch perch 34.18893859 m²
qt-milacre perch 34.18893859 m²
roofing square 9.29000000 m²
ro rood 1011.71000000 m²
rod² square rods 25.29000000 m²
section 2589988.11033600 m²
sq ch square chain 404.68564224 m²
sq lnk square link 0.04046856 m²
sq mil square mil 0.00000000 m²
stremma 1000.00000000 m²
township 93239940.00000000 m²
yd² square yard 0.84000000 m²
Density (s.i.: g/cm³)
Symbol Name Ratio
cg/cm³ centigram per cubic centimeter 0.01000000 g/cm³
cg/m³ centigram per cubic meter 0.00000001 g/cm³
cg/mm³ centigram per cubic millimeter 10.00000000 g/cm³
cg/l centigrams per liter 0.00001000 g/cm³
cg/ml centigrams per milliliter 0.01000000 g/cm³
g/cm³ grams per cubic centimeter 1.00000000 g/cm³
g/ft³ grams per cubic foot 0.00003531 g/cm³
g/in³ grams per cubic inch 0.06102374 g/cm³
g/m³ grams per cubic meter 0.00000100 g/cm³
g/gal_uk grams per gallon (uk) 0.00021997 g/cm³
g/gal_us grams per gallon (us) 0.00026417 g/cm³
g/l grams per liter 0.00100000 g/cm³
g/mL grams per milliliter 1.00000000 g/cm³
g/oz grams per ounce 0.03381402 g/cm³
g/MCF grams per thousand cubic feet 0.00000004 g/cm³
kg/bbl kilograms per barrel of oil 0.00628981 g/cm³
kg/cm³ kilograms per cubic centimeter 1000.00000000 g/cm³
kg/ft³ kilograms per cubic foot 0.03531467 g/cm³
kg/in³ kilograms per cubic inch 61.02374409 g/cm³
kg/m³ kilograms per cubic meter 0.00100000 g/cm³
kg/yd³ kilograms per cubic yard 0.00130795 g/cm³
kg/gal_us kilograms per gallon (US) 0.26417205 g/cm³
kg/L kilograms per liter 1.00000000 g/cm³
kg/ml kilograms per milliliter 1000.00000000 g/cm³
kg/oz kilograms per ounce 33.81402270 g/cm³
kg/MCF kilograms per 1000 ft³ 0.00003531 g/cm³
lt/acft long tons per acre-foot 0.00082372 g/cm³
lt/ft³ tons per cubic foot 35.88135796 g/cm³
lt/m³ tons per cubic meter 1.01604691 g/cm³
lt/yd³ tons per cubic yard 58.47000000 g/cm³
lt/MCF tons per 1000 ft³ 0.03588136 g/cm³
Mg/m³ megagrams per cubic meter 1.00000000 g/cm³
mg/l milligrams per liter 0.00000100 g/cm³
mg/ml milligrams per milliliter 0.00100000 g/cm³
oz/ft³ ounces per ft³ 0.00100115 g/cm³
oz/in³ ounces per in³ 1.72999404 g/cm³
oz/gal ounces per gallon 0.00623602 g/cm³
oz/gal_us ounces per gallon (US) 0.00748915 g/cm³
lbm/acft pounds per acre-foot 0.00000037 g/cm³
lbm/bbl pounds per barrel of oil 0.00285301 g/cm³
lb/ft³ pounds per cubic foot 0.01601846 g/cm³
lb/in³ pounds per cubic inch 27.67990471 g/cm³
lb/m³ pounds per cubic meter 0.00045359 g/cm³
lb/yd³ pounds per cubic yard 0.00059328 g/cm³
lb/gal pounds per gallon 0.09977637 g/cm³
lb/gal_us pounds per gallon (US) 0.11982643 g/cm³
lb/l pounds per liter 0.45359237 g/cm³
t(us)/acft tons (US) per acre-foot 0.00073547 g/cm³
t(us)/bbl tons (US) per barrel of oil 5.70602035 g/cm³
t(us)/ft³ tons (US) per ft³ 32.03692675 g/cm³
t(us)/m³ tons (US) per m³ 0.90718474 g/cm³
t(us)/yd³ tons (US) per yd³ 1.18655284 g/cm³
t/m³ metric tons per m³ 27.67990471 g/cm³
t/yd³ metric tons per yd³ 1.30795062 g/cm³
t/l metric tons per liter 1000.00000000 g/cm³
t/MCF metric tons 1000 ft³ 0.03531467 g/cm³
Electric charge (s.i.: C)
Symbol Name Ratio
aC coulomb 10.00000000 C
A*h ampere-hour 3600.00000000 C
A*min ampere-minute 60.00000000 C
A*s ampere-second 1.00000000 C
C coulomb 1.00000000 C
cC centicoulomb 0.01000000 C
daC decacoulomb 10.00000000 C
dC decicoulomb 0.10000000 C
emu electromagnetic unit of charge 10.00000000 C
esu electrostatic unit of charge 0.00000000 C
EC exacoulomb 1000000000000000000.00000000 C
F faraday 96485.34000000 C
fC femtocoulomb 0.00000000 C
Fr franklin 0.00000000 C
GC gigacoulomb 1000000000.00000000 C
hC hectocoulomb 100.00000000 C
kC kilocoulomb 1000.00000000 C
MC megacoulomb 1000000.00000000 C
µC microcoulomb 0.00000100 C
mC millicoulomb 0.00100000 C
nC nanocoulomb 0.00000000 C
PC petacoulomb 1000000000000000.00000000 C
pC picocoulomb 0.00000000 C
statC statcoulomb 0.00000000 C
TC teracoulomb 1000000000000.00000000 C
Electric current (s.i.: A)
Symbol Name Ratio
aA abampere 10.00000000 A
A ampere 1.00000000 A
biot biot 10.00000000 A
cA centiampere 0.01000000 A
C/s coulombs per second 1.00000000 A
daA decaampere 10.00000000 A
dA deciampere 0.10000000 A
CGS e.m. electromagnetic units of current 0.00000000 A
CGS e.s. electrostatic units of current 10.00000000 A
EA exaampere 1000000000000000000.00000000 A
F/s faraday per second 96489.98385000 A
fA femtoampere 0.00000000 A
Fr/s franklins per second 0.00000000 A
gaussian electric current 0.00000000 A
GA gigaampere 1000000000.00000000 A
Gi gilberts 0.79577472 A
kA kiloampere 1000.00000000 A
MA megaampere 1000000.00000000 A
µA microampere 0.00000100 A
mA milliampere 0.00100000 A
nA nanoampere 0.00000000 A
pA picoampere 0.00000000 A
PA pitaampere 1000000000000000.00000000 A
statA statampere 0.00000000 A
TA teraampere 1000000000000.00000000 A
Energy (s.i.: J)
Symbol Name Ratio
atm litre-atmosphere 101.33000000 J
btu british thermal unit 1054.50000000 J
cal calories 4.18000000 J
cc atm cm³ of atmosphere 0.10132500 J
cu ft atm ft³ of atmosphere 2869.20000000 J
chu it celsius heat unit 1899.10000000 J
cu yd atm yd³ of atmosphere 77468.52000000 J
Dth (ec) dekatherms (ec) 1055055852.62000000 J
Dth (uk) dekatherms (uk) 1055055852.57000005 J
Dth (us) dekatherms (us) 1054804000.00000000 J
erg erg 0.00000010 J
EeV exaelectron volt 0.16000000 J
ft pdl foot-poundal 0.04000000 J
ft lbf foot-pounds force 1.36000000 J
gal atm (us) gallon-atmosphere (US) 383.56000000 J
gal atm (imp) gallon-atmosphere (imperial) 460.63000000 J
GJ gigajoule 1000000000.00000000 J
GWh gigawatt hour 3600000000000.00000000 J
hph horsepower-hour 2684519.54000000 J
inlbf inch-pounds force 0.11300000 J
J joule 1.00000000 J
kcal kilocalorie 4168.80000000 J
kJ kilojoule 1000.00000000 J
kWh kilowatt-hour 3600000.00000000 J
Mcal mega calories 4186800.00000000 J
MJ megajoule 1000000.00000000 J
MWh megawatt hours 3600000000.00000000 J
mJ millijoule 0.00100000 J
nJ nanojoule 0.00000000 J
PJ petajoule 1000000000000000.00000000 J
pJ picojoule 0.00000000 J
TJ terajoule 1000000000000.00000000 J
TWh terawatt hours 3600000000000000.00000000 J
th thermies 4186800.00000000 J
therms (e.c.) 105505585.26000001 J
therms (u.s.) 105480400.00000000 J
therms (u.k.) 105505585.26000001 J
tTNT ton of tnt 4184000000.00000000 J
TCE ton of coal 29307600000.00000000 J
uJ microjoule 0.00000100 J
TOE ton of oil 41868000000.00000000 J
Flow (s.i.: m³/s)
Symbol Name Ratio
ac ft/d acre-feet per day 0.01427641 m³/s
ac ft/h acre-feet per hour 0.34263384 m³/s
ac ft/min acre-feet per minute 20.55803063 m³/s
ac ft/mo acre-feet per month 0.00046905 m³/s
ac ft/s acre-feet per second 1233.48183755 m³/s
ac ft/wk acre-feet per week 0.00203949 m³/s
ac ft/yr acre-feet per year 0.00003909 m³/s
ac in/h acre-inche per hour 0.02855282 m³/s
ac in/min acre-inche per minute 1.71316922 m³/s
ac in/mo acre-inche per month 0.00003966 m³/s
ac in/s acre-inche per second 102.79015313 m³/s
ac in/yr acre-inche per year 0.00000326 m³/s
BLPD barrel of liquids per day 0.00000184 m³/s
BWPD barrel of water per day 0.00000184 m³/s
cL/d centiliter per day 0.00000000 m³/s
cL/h centiliter per hour 0.00000000 m³/s
cL/min centiliter per minute 0.00000017 m³/s
ft³/d cubic feet per day 0.00000033 m³/s
ft³/h cubic feet per hour 0.00000787 m³/s
ft³/min cubic feet per minute 0.00047195 m³/s
ft³/mo cubic feet per month 0.00000001 m³/s
ft³/s cubic feet per second 0.02831685 m³/s
ft³/yr cubic feet per year 0.00000000 m³/s
GPD gallon (US) per day 0.00000004 m³/s
GPH gallon (US) per hour 0.00000105 m³/s
GPM gallon (US) per minute 0.00006309 m³/s
gal(imp)/d gallon (imperial) per day 0.00000005 m³/s
gal(imp)/h gallon (imperial) per hour 0.00000126 m³/s
gal(imp)/min gallon (imperial) per minute 0.00007577 m³/s
gal(imp)/mo gallon (imperial) per month 0.00000000 m³/s
gal(imp)/s gallon (imperial) per second 0.00454609 m³/s
gal(imp)/yr gallon (imperial) per year 0.00000000 m³/s
gal/mo gallon (US) per month 0.00000000 m³/s
gal/s gallon (US) per second 0.00378541 m³/s
gal/wk gallon (US) per week 0.00000001 m³/s
gal/yr gallon (US) per year 0.00000000 m³/s
GL/mo gigaliter per month 0.38580247 m³/s
GL/yr gigaliter per year 0.03170979 m³/s
in³/min cubic inch per minute 0.00000027 m³/s
in³/s cubic inch per second 0.00001639 m³/s
kL/d kiloliter per day 0.00001157 m³/s
kL/h kiloliter per hour 0.00027778 m³/s
kL/min kiloliter per minute 0.01666667 m³/s
kL/mo kiloliter per month 0.00000039 m³/s
kL/s kiloliter per second 1.00000000 m³/s
kL/yr kiloliter per year 0.00000003 m³/s
L/d liter per day 0.00000001 m³/s
L/h liter per hour 0.00000028 m³/s
L/min liter per minute 0.00001667 m³/s
L/mo liter per month 0.00000000 m³/s
L/s liter per second 0.00100000 m³/s
L/yr liter per year 0.00000000 m³/s
m³/d cubic meter per day 0.00001157 m³/s
m³/h cubic meter per hour 0.00027778 m³/s
m³/min cubic meter per minute 0.01666667 m³/s
m³/s cubic meter per second 1.00000000 m³/s
m³/wk cubic meter per week 0.00000165 m³/s
m³/yr cubic meter per year 0.00000003 m³/s
mm³/s cubic millimeter per second 0.00000000 m³/s
ML/d megaliter per day 0.01157407 m³/s
ML/H megaliter per hour 0.27777778 m³/s
ML/min megaliter per minute 16.66666667 m³/s
ML/mo megaliter per month 0.00038580 m³/s
ML/s megaliter per second 1000.00000000 m³/s
mL/d milliliter per day 0.00000000 m³/s
mL/h milliliter per hour 0.00000000 m³/s
mL/min milliliter per minute 0.00000002 m³/s
mL/s milliliter per second 0.00000100 m³/s
Force (s.i.: N)
Symbol Name Ratio
auf atomic unit of force 0.00000008 N
cgf centigram-force 0.00009807 N
cN centinewton 0.01000000 N
daN decanewton 10.00000000 N
dN decinewton 0.10000000 N
dyn dynes 0.00001000 N
EN exanewton 1000000000000000000.00000000 N
fN femtonewton 0.00000000 N
GN giganewton 1000000000.00000000 N
gf grams-force 0.00980665 N
hN hectonewton 100.00000000 N
kgf kilograms-force 9.80665000 N
kN kilonewton 1000.00000000 N
kip kips 4448.22161526 N
lb pounds 4.44823053 N
lbf pounds-force 4.44822162 N
Mgf megagrams-force 9806.65000000 N
mL/s milliliter per second 0.00000100 N
MN meganewton 1000000.00000000 N
un micronewton 0.00000100 N
mgf milligrams-force 0.00000981 N
mGf milligraves-force 0.00980665 N
mN millinewton 0.00100000 N
nN nanonewton 0.00000000 N
N newton 1.00000000 N
ozf onces-force 0.27801385 N
PN petanewton 1000000000000000.00000000 N
pN piconewton 0.00000000 N
pdl poundal 0.13825495 N
t_uk_f ton (UK) - force 9964.01641818 N
t_us_f tons (US) - force 8896.44323052 N
sn sthenes 1000.00000000 N
stones-force 62.27510261 N
TN teranewton 1000000000000.00000000 N
tnf tons-force 8896.44323052 N
Frequency (s.i.: Hz)
Symbol Name Ratio
aHz attohertz 0.00000000 Hz
apm actions per minute 0.01666667 Hz
cHz centihertz 0.01000000 Hz
cpd cycles per day 0.00001157 Hz
cpµs cycles per microsecond 1000000.00000000 Hz
cpms cycles per millisecond 1000.00000000 Hz
cpm cycles per minute 0.01666667 Hz
cpmo cycles per month 0.00000039 Hz
cpns cycles per nanosecond 1000000000.00000000 Hz
cpps cycles per picosecond 1000000000000.00000000 Hz
cps cycles per second 1.00000000 Hz
cpy cycles per year 0.00000003 Hz
daHz decahertz 10.00000000 Hz
dHz deciherz 0.10000000 Hz
deg/h degrees per hour 0.00000077 Hz
deg/ms degrees per millisecond 2.77777778 Hz
deg/m degrees per minute 0.00004630 Hz
deg/s degrees per second 0.00277778 Hz
EHz exahertz 1000000000000000000.00000000 Hz
fHz femtohertz 0.00000000 Hz
FPS frames per second 1.00000000 Hz
fresnel 1000000000000.00000000 Hz
GHz gigahertz 1000000000.00000000 Hz
hHz hectohertz 100.00000000 Hz
Hz hertz 1.00000000 Hz
kHz kilohertz 1000.00000000 Hz
MHz megahertz 1000000.00000000 Hz
uHz microhertz 0.00000100 Hz
mHz millihertz 0.00100000 Hz
nHz nanohertz 0.00000000 Hz
PHz petahertz 1000000000000000.00000000 Hz
pHz picohertz 0.00000000 Hz
rad/h radians per hour 0.00004421 Hz
rad/m radians per minute 0.00265258 Hz
rad/ms radians per millisecond 159.15494309 Hz
rad/s radians per second 0.15915494 Hz
RPM revolutions per minute 0.01666667 Hz
THz terahertz 0.01666667 Hz
Illuminance (s.i.: lx)
Symbol Name Ratio
fc footcandle 10.76391042 lx
Glx gigalux 1000000000.00000000 lx
klx kilolux 1000.00000000 lx
lm/cm² lumens per square centimeter 10000.00000000 lx
lm/ft² lumens per square foot 10.76391042 lx
lm/in² lumens per square inch 1550.00310001 lx
lm/m² lumens per square meter 1550.00310001 lx
lm/mm² lumens per square millimeter 1000000.00000000 lx
lm/yd² lumens per square yard 1.19599005 lx
lx lux 1.00000000 lx
Mlx megalux 1000000.00000000 lx
mlx millilux 0.00100000 lx
nlx nanolux 0.00000000 lx
nx nox 0.00100000 lx
ph phot 10000.00000000 lx
µlx microlux 0.00000100 lx
Length (s.i.: m)
Symbol Name Ratio
Å angstrom 0.00000000 m
a arpent 58.47000000 m
cable length (imp) 185.31840000 m
cable length (int) 185.20000000 m
cable length (us) 219.45600000 m
cm centimeter 0.01000000 m
ch chain 20.11680000 m
cubit 0.45720000 m
dam decameter 10.00000000 m
dm decimeter 0.10000000 m
ell 1.14300000 m
F french 0.00033333 m
finger 0.02222500 m
ft feet 0.30480000 m
fm fathom 1.82880000 m
fur furlong (US) 201.16800000 m
Gm gigameter 1000000000.00000000 m
h hand 0.10160000 m
hm hectometer 100.00000000 m
in inch 0.02540000 m
kft kilofeet 304.80000000 m
km kilometer 1000.00000000 m
lea league 4828.03200000 m
light day 25902068371200.00000000 m
light hour 1079252848800.00000000 m
light minute 17987547480.00000000 m
light second 299792458.00000000 m
ln line 0.00211667 m
ly light year 9460730472580800.00000000 m
m meter 1.00000000 m
marathon 42195.00000000 m
metric feet 0.30000000 m
metric inch 0.03000000 m
metric mile 1609.34400000 m
mickey 0.00012700 m
mi mile 1609.34400000 m
mil mil 0.00002540 m
mm millimeter 0.00100000 m
myriameter 10000.00000000 m
mM megameter 1000000.00000000 m
nail 0.05715000 m
NL nautical league 5556.00000000 m
nm nanometer 0.00000001 m
NM nautical mile 1852.00000000 m
paces 0.76200000 m
palm 0.07620000 m
parsec 30856778200000000.00000000 m
perch 5.85000000 m
picas 0.00423333 m
pm picometer 0.00000000 m
pt point 0.00035278 m
quarter 0.22860000 m
rd rod 5.02920000 m
rope rope 6.09600000 m
shaku 0.30303030 m
smoot 1.70180000 m
span 0.22860000 m
step 0.76200000 m
Tm terameter 1000000000000.00000000 m
twp twip 0.00001764 m
µ micron 0.00000100 m
µin microinch 0.00000003 m
µm micrometer 0.00000100 m
yd yard 0.91440000 m
Mass (s.i.: g)
Symbol Name Ratio
barge 20411656.65000000 g
bag of coffee 60000.00000000 g
cg centigram 0.01000000 g
clove 3628.74000000 g
crith 0.00899349 g
ct carat 0.20000000 g
ctl cental 45359.23700000 g
dag decagram 10.00000000 g
drav dram 1.77180000 g
dwt pennyweight 1.55520000 g
g gram 1.00000000 g
G grave 1000.00000000 g
Gg gigagram 1000000000.00000000 g
gr grain 15.43200000 g
Gt gigatonne 1000000000000000.00000000 g
kg kilogram 1000.00000000 g
lb pound 453.59240000 g
lb_m pound metric 500.00000000 g
mg milligram 0.00100000 g
n newton 101.97160000 g
oz ounce 28.34950000 g
ozt troy ounce 31.10350000 g
q quintal 100000.00000000 g
qr quarter 12700.58640000 g
sap scruple 1.29597820 g
slug slug 14593.90000000 g
st stone 6350.29320000 g
ton_UK ton (UK) 1016046.90880000 g
ton_US ton (US) 907184.74000000 g
t tonne 1000000.00000000 g
ug microgram 0.00000100 g
wey wey 114305.27724000 g
Mass Flow (s.i.: kg/s)
Symbol Name Ratio
cg/d centigrams per day 0.00000000 kg/s
cg/h centigrams per hour 0.00000000 kg/s
cg/min centigrams per minute 0.00000017 kg/s
cg/s centigrams per second 0.00001000 kg/s
dag/d decagrams per day 0.00000012 kg/s
dag/h decagrams per hour 0.00000278 kg/s
dag/min decagrams per minute 0.00016667 kg/s
dag/s decagrams per second 0.01000000 kg/s
dg/d decigrame per day 0.00000000 kg/s
dg/h decigrame per hour 0.00000003 kg/s
dg/s decigrams per second 0.00010000 kg/s
gr/d grains per day 0.00000000 kg/s
gr/h grains per hour 0.00000002 kg/s
gr/min grains per minute 0.00000108 kg/s
gr/s grains per second 0.00006480 kg/s
g/d grams per day 0.00000001 kg/s
g/h grams per hour 0.00000028 kg/s
g/min grams per minute 0.00001667 kg/s
g/mo grams per month 0.00000000 kg/s
g/s grams per second 0.00100000 kg/s
g/yr grams per year 0.00000000 kg/s
kg/d kilograms per day 0.00001157 kg/s
kg/h kilograms per hour 0.00027778 kg/s
kg/min kilograms per minute 0.01666667 kg/s
kg/mo kilograms per month 0.00000039 kg/s
kg/s kilograms per second 1.00000000 kg/s
kg/wk kilograms per week 0.00000165 kg/s
kg/yr kilograms per year 0.00000003 kg/s
t(uk)/d long tons per day 0.01175980 kg/s
t(uk)/h long tons per hour 0.28223525 kg/s
t(uk)/mo long tons per month 0.00039199 kg/s
t(uk)/s long tons per second 1016.04690880 kg/s
t(uk)/yr long tons per year 0.00003222 kg/s
µ/d micrograms per day 0.00000000 kg/s
µ/s micrograms per second 0.00000000 kg/s
mg/d milligrams per day 0.00000000 kg/s
mg/s milligrams per second 0.00000100 kg/s
oz/d ounces per day 0.00000033 kg/s
oz/h ounces per hour 0.00000787 kg/s
oz/min ounces per minute 0.00047249 kg/s
oz/mo ounces per month 0.00000001 kg/s
oz/s ounces per second 0.02834952 kg/s
oz/yr ounces per year 0.00000000 kg/s
oz t/d ounces troy per day 0.00000036 kg/s
oz t/h ounces troy per hour 0.00000864 kg/s
oz t/mo ounces troy per month 0.00000001 kg/s
oz t/s ounces troy per second 0.03110348 kg/s
oz t/yr ounces troy per year 0.00000000 kg/s
lb/d pounds per day 0.00000525 kg/s
lb/h pounds per hour 0.00012600 kg/s
lb/min pounds per minute 0.00755987 kg/s
lb/mo pounds per month 0.00000017 kg/s
lb/s pounds per second 0.45359237 kg/s
lb/wk pounds per week 0.00000075 kg/s
lb/yr pounds per year 0.00000001 kg/s
lb t/d pounds troy per day 0.00000432 kg/s
lb t/yr pounds troy per year 0.00000001 kg/s
t(us)/d short tons per day 0.01049982 kg/s
t(us)/h short tons per hour 0.25199576 kg/s
t(us)/mo short tons per month 0.00034999 kg/s
t(us)/s short tons per second 907.18474000 kg/s
t(us)/yr short tons per year 0.00002877 kg/s
slug/d slugs per day 0.00016891 kg/s
slug/h slugs per hour 0.00405386 kg/s
slug/min slugs per minute 0.24323172 kg/s
slug/s slugs per second 14.59390300 kg/s
st/d stones per second 0.00007350 kg/s
st/mo stones per month 0.00000245 kg/s
st/wk stones per week 0.00001050 kg/s
st/yr stones per year 0.00000020 kg/s
t/d tonnes per day 0.01157407 kg/s
t/h tonnes per hour 0.27777778 kg/s
t/min tonnes per minute 16.66666667 kg/s
t/s tonnes per second 1000.00000000 kg/s
t/wk tonnes per week 0.00165344 kg/s
t/yr tonnes per year 0.00003171 kg/s
Power (s.i.: watt)
Symbol Name Ratio
atm ccm atmospheres-cubic cm/min 0.00168875 watt
atm ccs atmospheres-cubic cm/sec 0.10132500 watt
atm cfh atmospheres-cubic feet/hour 0.79800000 watt
atm cfm atmospheres-cubic feet/minute 47.82000000 watt
atm cfs atmospheres-cubic feet/second 2869.20000000 watt
bhp boiler horsepower 9810.66000000 watt
btu/h btus per hour 0.29000000 watt
btu/m btus per minute 17.58000000 watt
btu/s btus per second 1055.06000000 watt
cal/s calories per second 4.19000000 watt
ft lbf/h feet-pound-force per hour 0.00037662 watt
ft lbf/s feet-pound-force per second 1.36000000 watt
GW gigawatt 1000000000.00000000 watt
hp horsepower 745.70000000 watt
kW kilowatt 1000.00000000 watt
Latm/min litre-atmosphere per minute 1.69000000 watt
Latm/sec litre-atmosphere per second 101.33000000 watt
lusec lusec 0.00013330 watt
MW megawatt 1000000.00000000 watt
mW milliwatt 0.00100000 watt
p poncelet 980.66500000 watt
TW terawatt 1000000000000.00000000 watt
W watt 1.00000000 watt
Pressure (s.i.: Pa)
Symbol Name Ratio
atm atmospheres 101325.00000000 Pa
at atmospheres (technical) 98066.50000000 Pa
bar bars 100000.00000000 Pa
baryes 0.10000000 Pa
cmHg centimeters of mercury 1333.22000000 Pa
cmH2O centimeters of water 98.06380000 Pa
ftHg feet of mercury 40636.66000000 Pa
ftH20 feet of water 2988.98000000 Pa
GPa gigapascal 1000000000.00000000 Pa
hPa hectopascal 100.00000000 Pa
inHg inches of mercury 3386.38900000 Pa
inH2O inches of water 249.08200000 Pa
kgf/mm² kilograms-force per mm² 9806650.00000000 Pa
kPa kilopascal 1000.00000000 Pa
ksi kips per square inch 6894757.00000000 Pa
MPa megapascal 1000000.00000000 Pa
µmHg microns of mercury 0.13332240 Pa
mmHg millimeters of mercury 133.32240000 Pa
mmH20 millimeters of water 9.80638000 Pa
mPa millipascal 0.00100000 Pa
uPa micropascal 0.00000100 Pa
mTorr millitor 0.13332237 Pa
nPa nanopascal 0.00000000 Pa
Pa pascal 1.00000000 Pa
PPa petapascal 1000000000000000.00000000 Pa
pz pieze 1000.00000000 Pa
pdl/sq ft poundals per square foot 1.48816400 Pa
psf pounds per square foot 47.88000000 Pa
psi pounds per square inch 6894.76000000 Pa
short tons per square foot 95760.51800000 Pa
torr torr 133.32000000 Pa
TPa terapascal 1000000000000.00000000 Pa
µPa micropascal 0.00000100 Pa
Speed (s.i.: m/s)
Symbol Name Ratio
cm/d centimeters per day 0.00000012 m/s
cm/h centimeters per hour 0.00000278 m/s
cm/ms centimeters per millisecond 10.00000000 m/s
cm/min centimeters per minute 0.00016667 m/s
cm/s centimeters per second 0.01000000 m/s
fm/h fathoms per hour 0.00050800 m/s
fm/min fathoms per minute 0.03048000 m/s
ft/d feet per day 0.00000353 m/s
fph feet per hour 0.00008467 m/s
fpm feet per minute 0.00508000 m/s
fps feet per second 0.30480000 m/s
ft/yr feet per year 0.00000001 m/s
furlongs per fortnight 0.00016631 m/s
in/d inches per day 0.00000029 m/s
in/h inches per hour 0.00000706 m/s
ipm inches per minute 0.00042333 m/s
ips inches per second 0.02540000 m/s
in/wk inches per week 0.00000004 m/s
in/a inches per year 0.00000000 m/s
km/h kilometres per hour 0.27777778 m/s
kn knots 0.51444444 m/s
lea/d leagues per day 0.05588000 m/s
lea/h leagues per hour 1.34112000 m/s
c light speed 299792458.00000000 m/s
M mach 340.29000000 m/s
meters per day 0.00001157 m/s
m/c meters per century 0.00000000 m/s
m/dec meters per decade 0.00000000 m/s
m/h meters per hour 0.00027778 m/s
m/µs meters per microsecond 1000000.00000000 m/s
meters per millenium 0.00000000 m/s
m/ms meters per millisecond 1000.00000000 m/s
m/min meters per minute 0.01666667 m/s
m/s meters per second 1.00000000 m/s
m/yr meters per year 0.00000003 m/s
µ/ms microns per millisecond 0.00100000 m/s
µ/s microns per second 0.00000100 m/s
mi/d miles per day 0.01862667 m/s
mph miles per hour 0.44704000 m/s
mi/ms miles per millisecond 1609344.00000000 m/s
mi/min miles per minute 26.82240000 m/s
mi/mo miles per month 0.00061198 m/s
mi/s miles per second 1609.34400000 m/s
mi/yr miles per year 0.00005100 m/s
mm/d millimeters per day 0.00000001 m/s
mm/h millimeters per hour 0.00000028 m/s
mm/ms millimeters per microsecond 1000.00000000 m/s
nm/ms nanometers per millisecond 0.00000100 m/s
nm/s nanometers per second 0.00000000 m/s
s speed of sound 344.00000000 m/s
yd/d yards per day 0.00001058 m/s
yd/h yards per hour 0.00025400 m/s
yd/min yards per minute 0.01524000 m/s
yd/s yards per second 0.91440000 m/s
yd/yr yards per year 0.00000003 m/s
Time (s.i.: s)
Symbol Name Ratio
callipic cycle 2398377600.00000000 s
cs centisecond 0.10000000 s
century 3155695200.00000000 s
d day 86400.00000000 s
decade 86400.00000000 s
das decasecond 10.00000000 s
ds decisecond 0.10000000 s
fs femtosecond 0.00000000 s
fortnight 1209600.00000000 s
Gs gigasecond 1000000000.00000000 s
hs hectosecond 100.00000000 s
helek 3.33333333 s
hipparchic cycle 9593424000.00000000 s
h hour 3600.00000000 s
jiffy 0.01666667 s
ke ke 900.00000000 s
ks kilosecond 1000.00000000 s
lustre 157680000.00000000 s
Ms megasecond 1000000.00000000 s
metonic cycle 1000000.00000000 s
µfn microfortnight 1.20960000 s
µs microsecond 0.00000100 s
millenium 31557600000.00000000 s
md millday 86.40000000 s
mfn millifortnight 1209.60000000 s
ms millisecond 0.00100000 s
min minute 60.00000000 s
moment 90.00000000 s
mo month 2592000.00000000 s
nfn nanofortnight 0.00120960 s
ns nanosecond 0.00000000 s
octaeteris 252460800.00000000 s
ps picosecond 0.00000000 s
s second 1.00000000 s
shake 0.00000001 s
sigma 0.00000100 s
sol sol 88775.24409000 s
sothic cycle 46074096000.00000000 s
S svedberg 0.00000000 s
Ts terasecond 1000000000000.00000000 s
wk week 604800.00000000 s
yr year 31556952.00000000 s
Volume (s.i.: )
Symbol Name Ratio
ac ft acre feet 1233.48183755 m³
ac in acre inch 102.79015313 m³
bl(imp) barrel (imperial) 0.16365924 m³
bl(us) barrel (u.s. dry) 0.11562820 m³
fl bl(us) barrel (u.s. fluid) 0.11924047 m³
bbl barrel of oil 0.15898729 m³
BCF billion cubic feet 28316846.59200000 m³
fbm board-feet 0.00235974 m³
bkt bucket (imperial) 0.01818436 m³
bu(imp) bushel (imperial) 0.03636872 m³
bu(us) bushel (dry heaped us) 0.04404884 m³
bu(us lvl) bushel (dry level us) 0.03523907 m³
butt 0.47696188 m³
cL centilitre 0.00001000 m³
coomb 0.14547488 m³
cord-feet 0.45306955 m³
cord 3.62455636 m³
cm³ cubic centimeter 0.00000100 m³
cu ft cubic feet 0.02831685 m³
cu in cubic inch 0.00001639 m³
km³ cubic kilometer 1000000000.00000000 m³
cubic meter 1.00000000 m³
cu mi cubic mile 4168181825.44057989 m³
mm³ cubic millimeter 0.00000000 m³
cu yd cubic yard 0.76455486 m³
cu fm cubic-fathom 6.11643886 m³
c cup 0.00025000 m³
cup (breakfast) 0.00028413 m³
c(ca) cup (canadian) 0.00022730 m³
c(us) cup (u.s.) 0.00024000 m³
dash (imperial) 0.00000037 m³
daL decalitre 0.01000000 m³
dL decilitre 0.00010000 m³
dessertspoon 0.00010000 m³
drop drop 0.00000005 m³
55 us gal drum 0.20819765 m³
fifth 0.00075708 m³
fl dr(imp) fluid dram (imperial) 0.00000355 m³
fl dr(us) fluid dram (u.s.) 0.00000370 m³
fl oz(imp) fluid ounce (imperial) 0.00002841 m³
fl oz(us) fluid ounce (u.s.) 0.00003000 m³
fl 3(us) fluid scruple (u.s.) 0.00000123 m³
fl 3(imp) fluid scruple (imperial) 0.00000123 m³
gal(imp) gallon (imperial) 0.00454609 m³
gal(us dry) gallon (u.s. dry) 0.00440488 m³
gal(us fluid) gallon (u.s. fluid) 0.00378541 m³
beer gal gallon of beer 0.00462115 m³
GL gigalitre 1000000.00000000 m³
gi(imp) gill (imperial) 0.00014207 m³
gi(us) gill (u.s.) 0.00011829 m³
ha m hectare meter 10000.00000000 m³
hL hectolitre 0.10000000 m³
hhd(imp) hogsheads (imp) 0.32731848 m³
hhd(us) hogsheads (u.s.) 0.23848094 m³
CCF hundreds of cubic feet 2.83168466 m³
jigger 0.00004436 m³
kilderkin 0.08182962 m³
kgal kilogallon 3.78541178 m³
kL kiloliter 1.00000000 m³
koku 0.27826474 m³
L litre 0.00100000 m³
ML megalitre 1000.00000000 m³
µL microlitre 0.00000000 m³
mL millilitre 0.00000100 m³
MMbbl million barrels of oil 158987.29492800 m³
MMCF million cubic feet 28316.84659200 m³
min(imp) minim (imperial) 0.00000006 m³
nL nanolitre 0.00000000 m³
pL picolitre 0.00000000 m³
pt(imp) pint (imperial) 0.00056826 m³
pt(us dry) pint (u.s. dry) 0.00055061 m³
pt(us fl) pint (u.s. fluid) 0.00047318 m³
qt(imp) quart (imperial) 0.00113652 m³
qt(us) quart (u.s. fluid) 0.00094635 m³
tbsp tablespoon u.s. 0.00001479 m³
tsp teaspoon u.s. 0.00000493 m³
TL teralitre 1000000000.00000000 m³
Mbbl thousand barrels of oil 158.98729493 m³
10³m³ thousand cubic meters 1000.00000000 m³
TMC thousands million cubic feet 28316846.59200000 m³
MCF thousands cubic feet 28.31684659 m³
TCF trillion cubic feet 28316846592.00000000 m³
US tu tun 0.95392377 m³

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