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Lalema's Ultimate Book Collection
Here is a unique collection of books which deals with environmental hygiene, sanitation and disinfection. Written by Gaétan Lanthier and Rémi Charlebois, here is a set of guides, collections, essays to extend your knowledge in environmental hygiene . This is just another way for Lalema to rethink hygiene!
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Basic Optimixx bundle
A basic bundle for a full and efficient cleaning. It offers a wide range of cleaning options.
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Optimixx bundle - Healthcare institutions
A bundle of ecological products specifically designed for disinfecting and cleaning in healthcare institutions.
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Optimixx bundle - Cleaning industry
An essential ecological products bundle for all sanitary maintenance companies.
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Cold and flu prevention bundle
Every year, seasonal flu hits us, like it or not. There are simple ways to prevent the flu. Hands washing, hands sanitation and disinfecting of surfaces are simple actions to prevent contamination. This is why at Lalema, we offer a prevention bundle. This bundle designed specifically for the workplace will help you improve personal hygiene and cleanliness of surfaces, therefore reducing the risk of contamination and absenteeism. In this bundle, you will find a hand soap and its dispenser, disinfectant wipes for hard surfaces, a hand sanitizer with a floor support (useful for building entrances). And finally, if the cold grabs you, the bundle also contains quality tissue paper.
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20" Low Speed Floor Machine with floor pads and cleaner stripper
Use this bundle to get a quick price that will include a 20 inches Nacecare floor machine with 3 buffers pad, one brush and Lalema brand environmentally floor stripper, the EKO-STRIP. With this rotary machine and this floor stripper, floorcare will become easier.
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Impact - Winter survival bundle
An essential bundle for every Quebec business. Because here, Snow is our middle name!
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Marino Janitor Cleaning Cart with UltraSpeed cleaning system
A bundle that contains all you need for your daily cleaning.

To move and carry your cleaning accessories and equipments, Marino compact cleaning cart and its grey vinyl bag are the perfect combo. A lockable cabinet is added for a secure storage.

For daily cleaning tasks, the UltraSpeed cleaning system equips you well against floors and walls. It contains an absorbent and high performance microfibers pad, an all-surface pad holder, a telescopic & ergonomic handle, ergonomic buckets of 8 L & 25 L and a funnel wringer with handle.
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